Whether you’re a warm weather or cold weather person, when it’s time for a vacation it can be tough to decide where to go. When you think of Utah obviously there’s Great Salt Lake, but it turns out there are a lot of great lakes in Utah for swimming, boating, fishing, and more!

Utah is obviously an amazing destination, popular for its skiing, hiking trails, horseback riding, ice fishing, mountain biking, water sports, and so much more. The state’s many bodies of water are also a huge attraction, and we can help you plan your next Utah lake vacation. Check out our listings to learn more about:

  • The best Utah lakes for swimming. Want to cool off on a hot summer weekend? Utah’s got a bunch of sandy beaches and crystal clear lakes where you and your family can enjoy a warm day in the sun.
  • The best lakes for boating in Utah. Endless fun for folks into relaxing on the water or enjoying all kinds of watersports action, we can help you find lakes with boat launches or boat rentals (or jet ski rentals) to let you maximize your time on the water.
  • Off-the-grid spots for kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding. Sometimes you just want to get away, and we can help you find a spot that’s just right for your secluded getaway.

Find Utah Lakes Near You

There’s something about being on, in, or near the water that makes every vacation just a little bit better. Check out our list below to see some of our favorite Utah lakes for fun and relaxation.

The best lakes to visit in Utah

Utah Lake is home to Utah’s most visited state park. This beautiful lake is located near Provo, home of Brigham Young University. The lake is very shallow, with a maximum depth of 14 feet, though it’s 24 miles long. Utah Lake has mountain ranges on three sides, making for some truly majestic views. Local hot springs are also a fun local attraction, with the two most famous being Saratoga Springs and Lincoln Beach.

Bear Lake is located on the border of Utah and Idaho and checks in at 109 square miles in size. Bear Lake is another favorite spot among swimmers because there are a number of beautiful beaches and the water has a brilliant turquoise color. Bear Lake State Park is a popular destination if you’re into camping, while Conestoga Ranch is a popular location for tourists who want to stay in a more upscale “glamping” situation.

Lake Powell is a destination for people who want to spend time on a lake houseboat vacation or take in a variety of nature activities including hiking, camping, and fishing. Watersports are also in play, with several marinas located nearby for boat rentals. The lake is technically a reservoir off of the Colorado River, and this giant man-made lake is an extremely popular tourist destination. The lake is also home to Rainbow Bridge, an amazing sandstone formation that visitors can hike around on.

Panguitch Lake is located in the southwest portion of Utah. This is another great spot for boating, especially water skiing and wakeboarding since the lake has a lot of open areas after being expanded after the addition of a 24-foot dam pushed the lake to over 1,200 acres. One of the more popular lake destinations in Utah, Panguitch Lake offers a little something for everyone.

Fish Lake is another popular destination in Utah. A six-mile long, one-mile wide Alpine Lake, this late is located in Fishlake National Forest located in the middle of the state near the town of Richfield. Fish Lake is a big hit for summer getaways with plenty of local shopping, campgrounds, and fun tourist traps. Fishermen also have much to enjoy, as Fish Lake lives up to its name with plenty of anglers coming to the lake for its trout, salmon, splake, and perch.

We welcome your feedback on the best lakes in Utah, but we know from this list there are lakes that are perfect for anyone looking to relax, have fun on the water or simply enjoy a day by the lake. Consult this list of best lakes in Utah before deciding where to spend your vacation or weekend getaway!