There are lakes in every state, but Delaware has some of the best lakes in the country. These lakes offer a variety of activities for visitors looking to enjoy an outdoor adventure. Whether you prefer fishing or swimming, there is sure to be a lake that will meet your needs. From Silver Lake to Hoopes Reservoir to Moores Lake, there are a variety of lakes in Delaware to visit. While many in Delaware go to the Atlantic Ocean beachfront, there are many great inland lakes and ponds to enjoy in Delaware. If you like boating, swimming, fishing or just looking at the water, you will find a lake that fits your style.

If you’re traveling from out-of-state and are looking for a long vacation destination on one of Delaware’s lakes, this page should help you narrow down which lake is perfect for your family! Our goal is to help you find the perfect Delaware lake vacation for your friends, family, or that special someone. This page will help you find:

  • Excellent beach getaways. We can help you find the clearest lakes in Delaware and the best Delaware lakes for swimming.
  • An amazing northeast fishing adventure. We’ll help you find the best lakes near you for fishing.
  • Cold weather getaways. Yes, lakes and ponds are refreshing in the summer, but you can enjoy the majestic beauty of these lakes without summer water activities. You can find a beautiful scenic lake and a bed and breakfast or rental home and make a romantic winter getaway at many of these great lakes as well.

Find Delaware Lakes Near You

For those looking for an outdoor adventure, Delaware’s lakes are the perfect place. The scenic views and activities make it easy to enjoy a day or weekend getaway with friends no matter your interests! There is something in store at each lake that will satisfy whatever mood you’re currently feeling – just take some time this summer season exploring all of our gorgeous freshwater choices before making up your mind on where to go next.

The best lakes to visit in Delaware

Silver Lake

Silver Lake, located in Kent County, is one of the most popular lakes in Delaware. This lake near Dover, is the start of the St. Jones River. The lake has many great fishing opportunities for bass, perch, crappie and sunfish. The lake has a very nice park on it, which is part of the Dover parks system.

Hoopes Reservoir

Hoopes Reservoir is a 187 acre lake which is an impoundment of the Old Mill Stream and the Red Clay Creek. This is the largest reservoir in Delaware. This body of water is in New Castle County.

Millsboro Pond

Millsboro Pond is one of the top fishing destinations in Delaware. This pond, which is really a 101-acre lake, has great fishing for bass, perch and sunfish. Millsboro Pond is in south Delaware.

Lake Gerar

Lake Gerar is a small 15 acre lake that offers many attractions. The lake offers fishing and biking trails along the lake. Lake Gerar has great natural green spaces, and is tucked in near the ocean beachfront, meaning you’ll probably have it to yourself when visiting!