New Jersey

New Jersey lakes are home to an impressive variety of recreational activities. Lakeside camping, boating, fishing and swimming are all popular pastimes for people who visit the lakes. The lakes also offer a different kind of vacation experience than one might find at the beach; many lakes in New Jersey have scenic views with forested shores that offer opportunities for hiking or biking as well as peaceful seclusion from the hustle and bustle of life.

So why not plan a New Jersey lake vacation for your next trip? The state has more to offer when it comes to waterfront than the Jersey Shore, we’ll help you find:

  • The best lakes for boating in New Jersey. Our listings can help you find a lake with boat rentals or easy boat launches in their recreation areas if you already have your own boat.
  • A great place for a summer getaway. Our listings include the best New Jersey lakes for swimming with sandy beaches for tons of warm weather fun.
  • We’ll also help you find the clearest lakes in New Jersey, perfect for a day on the lake fishing in your boat, or from the shore.

Find New Jersey Lakes Near You

Isn’t it about time for you to check out a New Jersey lake? While there are all kinds of popular options like Atsion Lake and Lake Carnegie, we’ve got our one list of favorites for you to check out.

The best lakes to visit in New Jersey

The best lakes in New Jersey provide year-round recreation opportunities for families, couples, singles and groups alike!

Best lakes in New Jersey for boating

Lake Hopatcong is the largest freshwater lake in New Jersey. The lake stretches across eight townships in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. Lake Hopatcong offers several recreational opportunities to visitors including fishing, boating, kayaking, tubing and swimming. Lake Hopatcong also has two beaches on its shores perfect for sunbathing, picnicking or playing in the water!

Lake Mohawk is known as one of the best camping lakes in New Jersey. Campers can enjoy lakeside RV sites, full service cabins or tent camping space to fit any size group (camping at Lake Mohawk requires advance registration). The clean waters at Lake Mohawk make it the ideal lakeside getaway for people looking to enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking, boating and swimming.

Best lakes in New Jersey for fishing

The lakes of New Jersey are known as some of the best lakes for fishing, but two lakes really stand out from the pack: Greenwood Lake and Manasquan River.

Greenwood Lake is a popular lake among anglers looking to catch smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, carp and catfish (Catch-and-release only). Anglers can fish off the docks or by boat; depending on what species they hope to catch. The lake has over 90 miles of shoreline perfect for exploring!

Manasquan River boasts large mouth bass, striped bass, carp and catfish. The Manasquan River is a tributary of the Atlantic Ocean, but is still considered one of the best lakes for fishing in New Jersey.

Best lakes in New Jersey for swimming

Lake Hopatcong’s two beaches are popular destinations all summer long for families looking to beat the heat with some fun in the sun. Swimming opportunities include Lake Hopatcong State Park beach (seasonal lifeguards on duty) and Roxbury Beach (no lifeguards). Both locations offer parking, concessions, picnic areas and plenty of space for family or group outings!

Lake Mohawk offers camping visitors great swimming options with its two freshwater beaches. Visitors can enjoy waterside activities like canoeing, kayaking, fishing and swimming without ever leaving the lakeshore!

Best lakes in New Jersey for hiking

Lake Minnewaska is located in the Shawangunk Mountains in New York State, but there are two lakes in New Jersey that also offer trails along their shoreline. Greenwood Lake has an extensive network of hiking trails both on land and by boat. The surrounding woods make the lake perfect for bird watching or nature photography. The trails around Lake Mohawk (including a portion of the Appalachian Trail) offer hikers access to wildlife like deer, wild turkey and hawks.

Lakes are the perfect place for families, groups of friends or anyone looking to escape from everyday life. The lakes in New Jersey offer a variety of activities that can be enjoyed all year long; whether you’re into boating, fishing, swimming or hiking there is something for everyone!