A Vermont lakeside vacation can provide a relaxing and refreshing escape from the heat and humidity of summer. How do you know which lakes are best in Vermont? This article provides a helpful guide to the best lakes for swimming, boating and fishing in this beautiful state.

Ranking the best lakes in Vermont can be done on multiple levels. Lake size, scenic beauty and boating opportunities are just some of the criteria to consider when compiling a list of the best lakes in Vermont. We’ve put together a huge list of the state’s bodies of water and we can help you find:

  • The perfect Vermont lake vacation spot – with pristine views and nearby amenities that everyone in your group will love.
  • Amazing fishing holes. There are all kinds of options for fishing in Vermont, and we’ll help you find a beautiful lake that’s just right for your fishing plans. Need a boat launch? Boat rental? Want to fish from shore? Vermont has everything you need.
  • A watersports paradise. We’ll help you find the best lakes for boating in Vermont. Whether you want to tear it up on a jet ski or relax on a pontoon, you have lots of options.
  • A relaxing day at the beach. We’ll show you some amazing Vermont lakes for swimming so you can take your family and friends to spend a day out enjoying the sun.

Find Vermont Lakes Near You

These lakes in Vermont are some of the best lakes in America to visit while you explore this amazing state for your next lake vacation adventure. For any people looking for weekend getaways or an extended trip here are some of the best lakes in Vermont, as voted on by our humble staff.

The best lakes to visit in Vermont

Lake Champlain

The most famous of Vermont’s lakes is Lake Champlain because it is the best lake in Vermont for swimming, beaches, boat tours, campgrounds, fishing, and charter boating. At least according to most of us here at this ol’ website!

Lake Morey

Lake Morey is surrounded by mountains and has a maximum depth of 272 feet making it the deepest reservoir in Vermont. The lake is perfect for a fishing vacation where you can catch walleye, pike and smallmouth bass and other species that live in this water body. The camping areas at Lake Morey are surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery which makes an ideal setting for anyone interested in backpacking around these mountain lakes in Vermont. In addition, there are miles of hiking trails at Lake Morey Campground.

Lake St. Catherine

This quiet, peaceful, scenic small reservoir in Vermont is surrounded by mountain peaks that are protected as part of the Green Mountain National Forest and has plenty of great campgrounds nearby where you can enjoy your stay at Lake St. Catherine. There are also some great nearby backpacking trails to explore your options for day hikes around this area. This is one of several most popular lakes in Vermont with campsites available here so be sure to plan ahead if you want to camp at Lake St. Catherine or visit Northfield Falls which is not far away from this location.

Eastman Pond

This popular and scenic small lake in Vermont has a wide variety of recreational activities available such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking and much more. There’s even a fun water ride at Eastman Park Rides that will allow you to enjoy this lovely lake at its fullest potential lakeside.  The local town offers some neat history such as the original stagecoach trail along the shoreline so if you’re traveling with family or friends there are many ways to make your vacation here one you’ll remember for years. In addition, the surrounding mountains provide plenty of interesting camping, day hikes, mountain biking, boating, swimming, fishing, beaches, and trails.

Lake Seymour

This is a small lake in Vermont that is great for kayaking, canoeing, fishing and other water activities. There are also some local campgrounds located near the lake where you can enjoy your stay while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The nearby towns provide plenty of dining options for when you’re feeling hungry after having fun at the campsite or when it’s time to relax.

Many lakes in Vermont offer plenty of activities for those looking to enjoy an amazing vacation. The best camping, best fishing, and best hiking are all available right here in Vermont. You’ll spend your time away surrounded by mountains and scenic views that will stay with you long after your visit. With so many different recreational opportunities available, it should be easy to find an activity that suits your needs during your next family getaway or romantic weekend away from home.