New Hampshire

Lake vacations are a great way to escape the summer heat.

They’re also perfect for people looking for an inexpensive vacation that will keep everyone entertained. But lakes in New Hampshire might be the best lakes of all! Why? Because lakes in New Hampshire can offer you so many different things – from swimming and boating, to fishing and exploring nature trails, there is something for everyone at lakes in New Hampshire. You can find lakes with campsites or resorts on them where you can stay overnight too! Plus, if you love hiking or biking, then lakes in New Hampshire are just right for you because they offer some amazing opportunities to explore outdoors as well as spend time close to home water sports like skiing and jet-skiing.

So if lakes in New Hampshire sound like the kind of lakes you’d like to visit this summer, read on to learn more about the best lakes in the state. Our database will help you plan your next New Hampshire lake vacation!

  • We’ll help you find a perfect fishing spot on the best lakes for boating in New Hampshire. We’ll find you a lake with a public boat launch for easy access. Want to fish from shore? New Hampshire has lakes for that, too!
  • You can find a lake with the right amenities for any time of year. You want a rustic log cabin overlooking a lake this winter? We’ve got options for that – we’ll help you find a crystal-clear lake in New Hampshire and then you can go find a vacation rental that suits your plans and your budget.
  • When you want to beat the summer heat on a family vacation, we’ll help you find the best New Hampshire lakes for swimming. Do you want a secluded beach or the most popular public beach with a nice picnic area? It doesn’t matter, our listings have them all. We’ll make sure we find you the clearest lake in New Hampshire, too, if you want to truly enjoy the pristine beauty the state has to offer.

Find New Hampshire Lakes Near You

So, if lakes in New Hampshire sound like the kind of lakes you’d like to visit this summer, read on to learn more about the best lakes in New Hampshire.

The best lakes to visit in New Hampshire

With 944 lakes throughout the state, lakes in New Hampshire offer the perfect escape from the summer heat and a chance to make some fun memories with family and friends.

You can find lakes like Lake Massasecum or Lake Sunapee nestled deep within forested areas. They offer opportunities for swimming, boating and hiking as well as fishing, kayaking and canoeing. People can also camp on these lakes for a quick weekend getaway or stay on lakeside resorts if they plan to spend a longer break on these lakes.

If you love lakes that are close to the city, then lakes in New Hampshire also offer lakes like Mascoma Lake or Silver Lake that are located just outside major cities like Manchester NH or Concord NH respectively. You can hang out by the lakes with friends over the weekend and even enjoy some watersports too! Plus, there are lakeside restaurants where you can grab some amazing meals after spending all day outdoors!

However, if it’s pristine nature views you’re looking for, then lakes in New Hampshire might be your best bet because they boast of offering more than 100 miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding right beside lakes.

There are lakes like Lake Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam Lake or Squam Lake which are surrounded by trees and grassy hills. They offer the best opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, sailing or simply relaxing with friends on a hot summer day. Plus there is something about lakes in New Hampshire that you can’t find anywhere else – their clear blue waters look amazing no matter how many times you visit!

Ossipee Lake in New Hampshire is an excellent lake for swimming because it has an average depth of 22 feet. It’s surrounded by trees on one side, so you can lounge around in the shade as well as take a dip whenever you want to!

Speaking lakes in New Hampshire that are great for kids, lakes like Echo Lake or Blue Job Mountain Pond offer safe swimming conditions and have shallow depths too. That means your little ones won’t be left out from having fun either! There are also lakes like Lake Dunmore or Newfound Lake which offer beaches for swimmers and lakeside activities such as hiking and biking.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and head to the beautiful lakes in New Hampshire this summer to enjoy a sandy beach and the nearby hiking trails to take in all of the state’s natural beauty!