Alabama offers up fun and beautiful lakes. Nearly all of the lakes in Alabama are man-made. The only natural lake in Alabama over 5 acres is Lake Jackson. While the majority of lakes in Alabama are man-made, they are still clean and fun with several recreational opportunities such as swimming, boating and fishing. Some of the more well-known lakes in Alabama that dams and reservoirs that were created for power across communities are Logan Martin Lake, R L Harris Reservoir, Walter F. George Reservoir and Wilson Lake. Bass fishing is a popular pastime in Alabama, and the state offers up dozens of lakes with plentiful bass fisheries. Lakes such as Lake Guntersville, Lake Jordan, and Lay Lake are hot spots for bass fishing in Alabama.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of lakes in Alabama. So whether you live in Alabama or are looking to visit, scan our site to see fun information about lakes in Alabama. You can find out which lakes you want to visit over the summer, or start a list of lakes you want to plan on a week vacation. Whether you are from out of state or you live in Alabama, we hope you can use our site to plan which lakes to kayak, swim, have a beach picnic or launch your boat on.

Alabama has a lot to offer with serene lakes to sandy beaches. In fact, Alabama has over 60 miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico in addition to the beautiful mountains such as Mount Cheaha. There’s plenty to do when you’re here including relaxing on a quiet lake or going zip-lining through a forest. Whether you want a treehouse hotel or a luxury resort you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re looking for in Alabama! Our goal is to help you find the best spots for your Alabama lake vacation. We’ll help you find what you need, whether it’s the:

  • Perfect lake for a day trip adventure
  • Clearest lake in Alabama
  • Best Alabama lakes for swimming
  • Best lakes for boating in Alabama

Find Alabama Lakes Near You

To make your Alabama vacation research easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite lakes in the state (in no particular order).

Top 5 Best Lakes in Alabama

1. Lake Lurleen

Lake Lurleen in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is a gorgeous man-made lake named after Lurleen Burns Wallace, who was Alabama’s first female governor and the wife of former Alabama Governor George C. Wallace.  It was designed to serve as a water source and recreational site for the University of Alabama campus and has about 8 miles of shoreline to explore when you’re tired from swimming or kayaking around the shores. It also offers Lake Lurleen State Park, which has camping, picnic day use and swimming.

2. Lake Martin

Lake Martin is Alabama’s fifth-largest lake and located on the Coosa River in the Talladega National Forest, so you’ll need time to enjoy both of these great places when you’re there! The lake formed as a result of the Martin Dam, which was created by the Alabama Power Company in 1926. The long shoreline offers excellent fishing spots for bass. It also has many opportunities for boating, fishing, sailing and water skiing. The closest towns are Alexander City, Dadeville, and Eclectic.

3. Lake Guntersville

Lake Guntersville is Alabama’s largest lake and one of the best lakes for bass fishing in the world! If you’re into that sort of thing then this lakeside city provides camping and cabins as well as hotels just for you to enjoy during your stay – we also recommend checking out local attractions like Art on The Park if you’re looking for something extra to do while you sit back and relax over a nice cold drink at one of our lakeside bars or cafes.

4. Lewis Smith Lake

If you’re looking for lakes in Alabama that offer all the best amenities then Lewis Smith Lake is the place to go if you don’t mind long drives. It’s actually one of the oldest lakes in Alabama with over 500 miles of shoreline across three counties so there will be plenty of space during your lakeside getaway for peace and quiet or maybe some entertainment – it can be hard to decide which is better when you get an adrenaline rush from both. The lake was formed in 1957 with the construction of the Lewis Smith for Damn for power.

5. Lake Eufaula

If you’ve never heard of Lake Eufaula then you’re in for a real treat when you get here – it’s the most visited lakes in Alabama. Lake Eufaula is very well known for its excellent bass fishing. Lake Eufala also has Lakepoint State Park, which offers camping, and other fun attractions. The 45,000-acre lake is an impoundment of the Chattahoocee River and also borders Georgia.