Looking for a lakeside getaway? Arizona has many lakes that are ideal for swimming, boating, fishing and other recreational activities. Some lakes also specialize in certain activities as well. For example, Lake Pleasant  and Alamo lake both have marinas to rent boats from, while lakes like Lake Havasu offer houseboat rentals. The lakes included on this list are some of the best lakes in Arizona that provide a wide range of fun activities with a convenient location where visitors can stay at an enjoyable resort or cabin rental.

Many lakes around Arizona offer excellent fishing opportunities not only for residents but also tourists who may be visiting from out of state looking to try their luck catching bass, catfish, or sunnies. A few lakes, like Lake Roosevelt, even offer boat rentals to its visitors. Some lakes also offer camping opportunities for visitors looking to spend time outdoors with family or friends. Campgrounds vary in amenities and price but provide tent camping sites, RV hook-ups, cabins, and sometimes a few hotel rooms as well. With a vast number of lakes around the state offering activities such as these, Arizona is a perfect place for a lakeside getaway any time of year!

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The 5 best lakes to visit in Arizona

Check out our picks for our favorite Arizona lakes for a long vacation or a quick getaway.

Lake Eleanor

Lake Eleanor offers a quieter lakeside getaway with a scenic view of forest and mountains. Visitors can go fishing or swimming in Lake Eleanor, as well as enjoy the lakeside picnic areas and hiking trails. Lake Eleanor is next to Apache Lake and offers amenities such as boat and jet ski rentals, campsites, and cabins.

Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant has lakeside cabins and houseboats which provide a convenient and enjoyable getaway for couples or families. The lake is home to many unique species of fish and plants. Lake Pleasant offers swimming areas, boat rentals, and campsites for visitors looking for a lakeside vacation.

Alamo Lake

Alamo Lake is a popular destination in Arizona for people looking to rent boats, swim in lakeside swimming areas, go fishing, or enjoy picnics. The lake provides houseboat rentals for its visitors and also offers campsites for those who want to spend time outdoors camping with friends or family. Visitors can take advantage of the nearby picnic areas, hiking trails, or just enjoy the scenic views near Alamo Lake.

Havasu Lake

Lake Havasu is a lakeside getaway in Arizona that offers houseboat rentals for visitors looking to spend time on the lake with friends or family. One of the main draws to Lake Havasu is that it has a wide variety of wildlife, which can be seen from many local  areas. Some local activities include swimming, fishing, and other recreational activities. Visitors may also explore other lakeside attractions such as hiking trails or picnic areas.

Roosevelt Lake

Visitors to Lake Roosevelt will be amazed by the wildlife and natural beauty that this getaway in Arizona has to offer. On any given day, you can see Game wardens working hard with ATVs or fishing boats on patrol looking out for signs of loons while their children explore nature trails nearby before taking a dip at one of many beaches ready with picnic blankets under toweling off after an invigorating swim.

If you’re looking for a vacation on a lake in Arizona, take some time to research our favorite lakes that offer swimming, boating, fishing and other recreational activities. You’ll find that many of these lakes also provide amenities like houseboat rentals or campsites if visitors want even more outdoor fun on their vacation. Picking one of these 5 fantastic lakes will be sure to make your trip unforgettable!