Lake vacations are a great way to relax. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, lakes in Maryland might be just what the doctor ordered. Maryland has several fun lakes to enjoy: Deep Creek Lake, Lake Tuckahoe, Centennial Lake, Deep Creek Lake, Lake Needwood and many others. Maryland is unique because all of Maryland’s lakes are man-made, with no natural lakes. However, there are still beautiful, cleans lakes in Maryland for you to enjoy,

Lakes in Maryland offer something for everyone – whether you want to swim, boat, fish, or simply enjoy the scenery. Whether you’re looking to take a quick weekend getaway out of Baltmore or plan an extended vacation with your family, lakes in Maryland should not be missed!

For those looking for a great place to spend their next vacation, we have the perfect Maryland lakes in our comprehensive listings. Not only will they provide relaxation and fun activities such as fishing and swimming but also offer an opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest! When you’re looking to plan a Maryland lake vacation, we can help you find:

  • The best lakes for boating in Maryland. Want to fish? We’ve got you covered. Watersports? Of course!
  • The best Maryland lakes for swimming. Pull up to a picnic table on a sandy beach and just enjoy your time with family and friends, we’ll help find you a swimming hole with a beach area that’s as isolated or busy as you’d like!
  • Perfect scenery! Winter, spring or fall, we can find you a relaxing lake to post up at on a vacation rental, B&B, or nearby hotel. Whether your preference is a hiking trail or a patio and a book – we’ll help you find the best lake in Maryland to meet your travel goals!

Find Maryland Lakes Near You

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, we’ve got just what you’re seeking. From Maryland’s clear lakes and incredible views to secret spots that hide treasure in every corner—here are some of our favorite places!

The best lakes to visit in Maryland

Lake Fairlee

Lake Fairlee is perfect if you want to escape from big city life. Located in Western Maryland, near Chestertown, Lake Fairlee offers camping areas where you are surrounded by wooded areas but still near all the amenities of modern living.

The campgrounds have beautiful views of the lakes and mountains, making it a great place to rest and relax. This lake is also one of Maryland’s best lakes for fishing with largemouth bass being their most popular catch.

Lake Habeeb

Located in Western Maryland just a short drive from Washington D.C., Lake Habeeb has lakes that are perfect if you want a break from big city life but still near all the amenities you’re used to at home. The lake’s headwaters are from Rocky Gap Run, and it is a very clear lake, with 243 acres.

The lake has boat rentals are available so you can get your own boat or charter a guided tour or rent one of their pontoon boats! The lake holds largemouth bass, bluegill, pumpkinseed and redear sunfish,  giving you plenty of options it comes to what type of fish you want to catch!

Lake Love

Lake Love is located in Central Maryland and is one of the best lakes in the state for swimming. It is a narrow lake with lots of fingers and opportunities for swimming and fishing. With sandy beaches along almost all of its lakes, this lake makes it easy to take a break from boating and take a quick dip before continuing your day on the water.

The lakes offer large-mouth bass fishing opportunities as well as paddling trails that are perfect for taking out kayaks or canoes! This area also has plenty of campgrounds nearby so if you’re traveling with your family you don’t have to worry about where your kids will sleep at night – there are lots of campsite options available right next to the lakes!

Lake Needwood

Located in Montgomery County Maryland, Lake Needwood has lakes perfect for boating, swimming, and fishing. It’s also located close to Washington D.C., making it easy to go on day trips to see the sites of our nation’s capital.

There are lakes that house Lake Needwood visitors’ private docks, making it easy for people who like to enjoy boating or fishing in peace without having to worry about someone else running into their boats. There are also lakes with sandy beaches – perfect if you want to take a break from boating and enjoy time in the sun!

Pocomoke River

Located in the Eastern part of Maryland, Pocomoke River has lakes that are great for boating and paddling. This lakes system is one of Maryland’s most popular lakes for fishing, with lakes that hold largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, and perch. The lakes have boat rentals available, so you can get your own boat to enjoy on the beautiful lakes or you can charter a guided tour or rent one of their pontoon boats!

Maryland’s lakes offer something for every type of person, from those who want to take a quick weekend getaway or plan a longer vacation with their family. The lakes have boat rentals available so you can rent your own boats and enjoy the lakes on your own terms! If you’re looking for lakes near Washington D.C., Lake Needwood is perfect as it’s close enough that day trips are easy but still far away enough to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.