Kansas lakes are beautiful and full of activity. They offer opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and more. Kansas lakes make a great destination for a fun family vacation or as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. All you need to do is choose which lake best suits your needs!

The lakes in Kansas offer a large range of outdoor recreation activities. For those who enjoy history and culture, there is no shortage of it around the lakes. Kansas’s lakes are surrounded by small towns and cities that each have their own unique feel to them.

This site is designed to help you plan your next Kansas lake vacation, by helping you pick from one of the state’s many fabulous bodies of water. We’ll help you find:

  • The perfect scenic lake for a cold weather getaway
  • The clearest lakes in Kansas, for fishing, or to admire from a nearby hiking trail
  • The best lakes for boating in Kansas so you can have a fabulous fishing trip or a watersports weekend with the family or fishing trip with your buddies on the clearest lakes in Kansas
  • A warm weather getaway to the best Kansas lakes for swimming

Find Kansas Lakes Near You

There are a lot of lakes in Kansas that offer boat rentals, camping, or more luxurious accommodations nearby. You can find relaxing bed and breakfasts, hotels, or a vacation rental property that fits your itinerary best. Check out some of our favorite picks and find the perfect spot for hitting a bike trail, enjoying a sandy beach, or just floating around on a paddle board.

The best lakes to visit in Kansas

Lake Shawnee: This popular lake offers a variety of activities including fishing, water sports like sailing and windsurfing as well as other recreational activities such as camping on its shores or visiting one of its many resorts. There is also plenty to do nearby with attractions like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios opening soon.

Lake Perry: Lake Perry is known for being a great family-friendly lakes, offering plenty of activities for all ages. The lake has 1,500 miles of shoreline and 1,200 islands spread throughout its waters. Visitors can enjoy swimming, boating or fishing at the lake’s many coves and inlets.

Potter Lake: Located just outside Wichita, Kansas Potter Lake offers visitors one of the best lakeside vacation experiences around! Enjoy water sports on this large freshwater lake complete with sand beaches and campgrounds to accommodate any size group. Potter Lake also hosts annual events that are fun for people of all ages including music festivals and movie nights under the stars.

Coralville Reservoir/Sutton Lake/Wilson Lake: Kansas lakes Coralville Reservoir, Sutton Lake and Wilson Lake offer a wide variety of activities in a scenic lakeside setting. Basing a lakeside vacation around these lakes can offer lots of options including boating, hiking, camping and much more.

Lake El Dorado: This lake is known for being one of the best lakes in Kansas when it comes to fishing opportunities with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and other common species available to catch. Visitors will also enjoy water sports like skiing or wakeboarding on this great destination.

Lake Waconda: This lakeside Kansas destination in North Newton offers a variety of activities in a scenic setting. The lake is home to the largest island in Kansas and there are many other opportunities to enjoy boating, hiking or camping on land along its shores.

Lake Nefertiti Recreation Area: Lake Nefertiti offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy some of Missouri’s best lakeside recreation areas including prime fishing hot spots like Bull Shoals Lake and Lake Taneycomo. The lakeside recreation area offers boating, hiking and camping opportunities as well as a scenic setting.

Pilot Knob Lake: Pilot Knob is one of the best lakes in Kansas for bass fishing with large mouth bass, smallmouth bass and spotted bass all making their home here. Visitors can enjoy lots of great outdoor activities on this lake including swimming, skiing or even a hot air balloon ride!

There is plenty to do in Kansas lakeside communities like camping or visiting attractions like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios opening soon.  If you’re looking for a fun family vacation destination with great outdoor recreation opportunities in scenic lakeside settings, these lakes might be just what you’re looking for! Which lake sounds best to you?