The lakes in Oklahoma are a great place to vacation. There’s so much to do and see, from swimming and boating to fishing. And the lakes in Oklahoma have something for everyone, from lakes with sandy beaches perfect for building sand castles or starting a bonfire, lakes that offer plenty of space for camping and hiking along the shoreline, lakes that provide a relaxing retreat for those who want nothing more than peaceful solitude around water.

Oklahoma is full of fabulous lakes with amazing swimming areas and lots of opportunities for fun on the water. Our site has compiled a massive list to help you plan your next Oklahoma lake vacation.

  • Check out the best lakes for boating in Oklahoma. Water sports fans can find lakes with boat ramps for easy access so you can get out on the water with your ski boat, pontoon, boat or jet ski and enjoy tearing it up on the lake. If you don’t have a boat, there are plenty of options for a rental.
  • Find a great swimming hole. Cooling off from the summer heat is easy in Oklahoma. Our listings will help you find the best Oklahoma lakes for swimming, with sandy beaches to soak up some sun while enjoying a summer getaway with family or friends.
  • Fabulous fishing spots. Anglers rejoice, Oklahoma has excellent opportunities for fishing throughout the state. On the water or from the shore, we can help you find a fishing hole that you’ll love.

Find Oklahoma Lakes Near You

What’s not to love about the variety of lakes this state has to offer? Come visit one of these beautiful lakes in Oklahoma today!

The best lakes to visit in Oklahoma

The lakes in Oklahoma range from small lakes perfect for a weekend getaway to large lakes where you can spend all day and never see the same shoreline twice. Take a look at some of our favorite lakes, in no particular order.

Lake Hudson: This popular lake is known for its crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, making it perfect for beach parties or picnics under trees along the water. Lake Hudson also features hiking trails along the way if you’re looking for an adventure. There are even campsites nearby where you can pitch your tent right on the lakeshore!

Lake Texoma: If you’re looking to rent a boat or find something to do on the water, you’ll want to visit Lake Texoma. This lakeside town is filled with lakeside rentals and plenty of people who are willing to chat about their favorite activities on the lake. The waters here are deep and clear as glass, perfect for fishing or renting a speedboat for a thrill ride across the water.

Lake Tenkiller: If you prefer your lakes to be more secluded, look no further than Lake Tenkiller. This lake may not offer much in terms of loud parties or busy traffic, but it does offer beautiful views and great camping and hiking spots that will make you feel like you’re miles away from civilization! There’s even a beach where you can swim in the clear waters or go for a refreshing dip in the lakeside hot tub!

Lake Murray: If you’d prefer to spend your time on a fishing boat or kayak, Lake Murray is your best bet. This lake was formed when the Army Corp of Engineers built a dam in order to provide hydroelectric power to nearby towns. Today it provides water sports and lakeside camping that will have you feeling relaxed in no time! Come see what all the lakes in Oklahoma have to offer when you plan your trip today.

Skiatook Lake: If you’re looking for water sports and lakeside living all in one, Skiatook Lake is one of the best lakes in Oklahoma for your weekend getaway. This lake has a bustling lakeside community with barbecues and horseshoes along the lakeshore as well as cultural festivals that will introduce you to local customs and traditions. There are also plenty of fishing opportunities here if you want to spend time pulling active fish from the waters!

Broken Bow Lake: If you’d rather spend your time enjoying the water from the comfort of a lakeside cabin, Broken Bow Lake is perfect for just that. There are tons of cottages to rent on this large lake but be aware that they book up fast during summer months! If you can’t find somewhere to stay for your trip, try renting a boat or jet ski instead—you won’t regret relaxing at the lakeside with nothing around you but crystal-clear blue waters and green hills.

The lakes in Oklahoma are always a great place to visit, but it can be hard to know which lakes you should choose. Luckily, the best lakes in Oklahoma for swimming, boating, fishing and other recreational activities include Lake Hudson with its sandy beaches or Lake Texoma that has plenty of boats available for rent! These lakes offer everything from peace and quiet at Tenkiller Lakeside Resort to an exciting speedboat ride on Clearfork Reservoir near Ponca City.

If your idea of fun includes water sports like kayaking or fishing then head over to one of these beautiful lakes today!  The lakes here have something for everyone so don’t wait any longer before booking your trip – come see why people love visiting the lakes in Oklahoma this summer.