There are many lakes around Colorado, but some lakes are more unique than others. Some lakes attract retirees looking for a quiet life on the lake to raise their families or provide an opportunity for boating and fishing enthusiasts to have fun all day long. With so many lakes around Colorado, especially in the Front Range region, it can be hard selecting just one, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the lakes in Colorado so you can check out activities available nearby, and other factors that make these lakes stand out from the crowd.

You can use the listings on this site to help you find the perfect spot for a restful getaway. The listings provided of the lakes in Colorado can help you plan your:

  • Trip to a sandy beach to enjoy warm summer days during a Colorado lake vacation
  • Getaway to one of the clearest lakes in Colorado – we’ll help you find the best Colorado lakes for swimming
  • Watersports vacation on the best lakes for boating in Colorado so you can enjoy water skiing or wakeboarding
  • Perfect adventure for fishermen – we’ll help you find the best lakes in Colorado for fishing

Find Colorado Lakes Near You

Colorado has some of the best lakes in all of America. Whether you’re looking for a small town getaway or an adventure while camping, we have it here!

The stunning views and abundant wildlife will inspire any traveler to explore this beautiful state’s natural resources more closely than ever before. But who would enjoy the many beautiful bodies of water in Colorado? Sports fishermen? Hikers who love coming home with fresh roasted marshmallows over open fires at nightfall on summer days spent exploring mountainsides free from trees?” Campers ready pack up their tents when autumn arrives because they know there’ll be plenty of leaf-looking? Families looking for a summer getaway?

The truth is, all of these people would enjoy the lakes of Colorado. Let us run down some of our favorites.

The best lakes to visit in Colorado

Lake Pueblo State Park – This state park is located about 30 minutes outside of Pueblo near Wetmore which makes it ideal if you’re looking for something close enough to town but still secluded enough to enjoy the lakeside. The lakes at this park are all man-made lakes, but lakes nonetheless. The lakes here offer a wide variety of activities such as boating and fishing and it is also a popular spot for camping because of the nearby Pueblo Reservoir which offers plenty of recreational opportunities too.

Lake George – This lake is about an hour’s drive from Colorado Springs and has long been a popular lakeside destination for people in Colorado Springs and other nearby towns such as Woodland Park. People come to Lake George for the fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing/kayaking opportunities that abound on this large glacier-formed lake. It has always been one of the best lakes in Colorado not only because it attracts many visitors every year for all different kinds of activities, but because it is one of the most scenic lakes in Colorado with a crystal blue hue and pristine beaches.

North Sterling State Park – This state park north of Joes is an extremely popular lakeside destination for people from the Denver metropolitan area as well as those from nearby towns such as Akron, Granby, and Silverthorne. This lakeside park with a beautiful view of 14,000-foot peaks is an ideal spot to enjoy water related activities like kayaking/canoing, boating, fishing, etc. Located west of Sterling on Highway 13 near I-76, this lakeside destination makes a great weekend getaway with its lakes stocked with trout and other fish species and plenty of hiking trails through lush alpine forests.

Colorado River Headwaters State Park – Located about an hour north of Kremmling in Granby is Colorado’s home to the headwaters that feed into the mighty Colorado River which flows all the way to Texas before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. It is a popular lakeside destination for boating and fishing as well as camping and picnicking opportunities.

Grand Lake – This beautiful, scenic lakeside town along the western slope is another extremely popular destination for people from around Colorado as well as those visiting from out of state. It has one of the largest lakes in Colorado at 2 miles long which offers great boating and fishing opportunities with plenty of recreational activities available near Grand Lake whether you’re looking to enjoy water sports or just relax on a nice beach somewhere along the lake shore.

Lake McConaughy – This large man-made lake located near Ogallala, Nebraska is about 90 minutes east of Grand Junction which makes it a popular lakeside destination for people from the Grand Junction area to visit during the summertime. It is another one of Colorado’s best lakes to enjoy boating, fishing, camping, picnicking, etc. just like the lakes in nearby Grand Lake and other lakes located throughout Colorado.

Bowles Reservoir – This man-made reservoir near Sedalia is another one of Colorado’s best lakes for boating, fishing, camping, picnicking, etc. It’s located about 45 minutes northwest of Denver and makes a great lakeside destination for people in the Denver metropolitan area to enjoy during the summer months when they get tired of all the city life.

Lake Granby – This beautiful lakeside destination located about an hour northwest of Grand Lake has some great water-oriented recreational activities to enjoy. As one of Colorado’s largest lakes, it has plenty of boating and fishing opportunities with many different lakeside campgrounds to choose from for your summer getaway.