Lake vacations are a great way to escape for a few days and enjoy the lakes of Oregon.

Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in America, with lakes ranging from small and secluded mountain lakes to large lakes on the coast that offer plenty of water sports like fishing, boating, and swimming.

Some of these lakes even have quaint towns nearby where you can find restaurants and shops while enjoying your vacation on one of Oregon’s wonderful lakes.

If you’re looking for lake vacations, Oregon is the place to go!

Lake vacations are great because they are really quick weekend getaways that are perfect for anyone’s busy schedule. You can take a short drive up to one of the lakes nearby and relax without having to dedicate your whole week or even weekend to relaxing on a lakeshore.

An Oregon lake vacation offers all kinds of amazing options for couples, families, or trips with friends.

  • Visit the best lakes for boating in Oregon. The state has a number of breathtakingly beautiful alpine lakes that are popular for all kinds of activities year round.
  • The state also boasts a number of lakes with sandy beaches, perfect for a summer day at the beach with the family. Our listings below can help you find great Oregon lakes for swimming and relaxing at the beach.
  • Fishermen will have a great time in Oregon as well. Crystal clear lakes make for an excellent Oregon vacation, and lots of lakes offer easy access for launching your boat.

Find Oregon Lakes Near You

Oregon’s lakes are popular recreation spots and it’s not hard to find a swimming hole, or a scenic lake with nearby hiking trails if that’s your thing. Check out some of our favorites below.

The best lakes to visit in Oregon

When you want a lakeside vacation but only have a few hours each day, choose one of these lakes and head out as soon as you get a chance!

Lake Billy Chinook: This is a beautiful mountain lake located in Central Oregon with plenty of good fishing spots and picnic areas with lakeside views. It is known as Oregon’s best bass fishing lake; anyone who loves bass fishing will enjoy this lakeshore.

Lake Billy Chinook is a really great vacation spot because it has everything you need for a retreat; there are several parks and picnic areas, and lots of lakeside camping sites. It’s also close to the city of Bend, Oregon where there is plenty more fun to be had in that area!

If you’re looking for a lakeside getaway that will only take up part of your day, consider heading out to Lake Billy Chinook today!

Lake Malheur: This lake sits at 45 feet below sea level and offers some pretty awesome bird watching opportunities. It has over 15,000 acres of water surface so if you enjoy boating or fishing this is definitely the lakeside vacation for you.

Lake Malheur is the perfect lakeside getaway if you love birdwatching because the lake has over 400 species of birds that visit it, making it one of Oregon’s best lakes for bird watching.

If you’re an avid birdwatcher, definitely consider spending a lakeside weekend at Lake Malheur!

Lake Harney: This lake is located in the southern part of Oregon and offers seclusion alongside relaxation. The lake itself stretches nearly 2 miles long so there are plenty of places to enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking or just relaxing with friends. If you have time while you are enjoying your lakeshore retreat, there are also some pretty cool sites around Harney Lake like the nearby Silvies River which is known for being one of Oregon’s best trout fisheries.

Lake Harney is surrounded by desert so it has a really different feel than lakes in other parts of Oregon, making it a great lakeside getaway if you’re looking for something unique while still having some lakeside fun.

Diamond Lake: This is the largest natural non-alkaline lake in Oregon and it has some really great lakeside views. It’s a popular destination for kayaking, fishing and other water sports that vacationers enjoy. It’s also a great place to getaway from the city because it is located right off of Route 138 which means you don’t even need your car; if you’re willing to hike about 40 minutes past the Diamond Lake Lodge you can get all the way to the lake and back without needing a ride.

Lake of the Woods: This lakeshore is known for being a great lakeside getaway if you’re looking for a resort on the water. There are plenty of hotels or cabins to choose from in this area, so you can pick a price point that works for you! There’s also some really great fishing here and it has one of the best bass fisheries in Oregon so this is definitely a vacation spot worth checking out.

Crater Lake: This is by far one of the best lakes in Oregon for water sports because it’s got some great camping areas and also offers activities like boating, fishing, kayaking and sightseeing. The lakeshore extends for miles so there are plenty of lakeside adventures to be had here.

Upper Klamath Lake: This lakeshore is made up of several lakes that are all connected. There are tons of lakeside camping opportunities here and the lakeshore has some great beaches for swimming and picnics. The lakes also offer plenty of fishing, boating and kayaking opportunities so if you’re looking for a lakeside getaway with lots to do, this is it!

Crescent Lake: This lake offers over 12.4 miles of shoreline so there is plenty of room to enjoy lakeside camping or just relaxing on your lakeshore vacation. There’s also an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities at Crescent Lake which makes it extra fun for birdwatchers or nature lovers in general.

Sparks Lake: This lakeshore has some great lakeside camping sites and activities like kayaking, fishing, swimming and hiking. There are also nearby restaurants if you’re not into cooking your own food while at the lakeshore. Sparks Lake is surrounded by desert so it’s got a really unique feel to it that’s definitely worth checking out!

Lake Owyhee: A large lake with lots of lakeside activities available; boating, fishing, skiing etc…This gem has a little bit of something for everyone.

Wallowa Lake: Another one of Oregon’s best lakes for birdwatching because of all the migrating birds in its area; it also offers some pretty epic mountain views in every direction.

Oregon lakes offer a variety of watersports and recreational activities for visitors to enjoy, including fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking. If you’re looking for lakeside getaways that will only take up part of your day or weekend while still having plenty to do on the lakeshore itself- Oregon is the place to go!