From the biggest lakes in Nevada to those near state recreation areas and parks, you can find all of them on this site. Below are some of our favorite lakes – so take a look and see if one fits the bill for your next vacation.

The lakes in Nevada are perfect for all kinds of activities, whether you want to swim, boat, or fish. We can help you plan your next Nevada lake vacation by helping you build your itinerary. We can help you find just the lake you need with our exhaustive listings.

Our huge list of Nevada lakes is designed to jumpstart you as you put together your future travel plans. When you think of Nevada lake vacations of course you’re going to think of Lake Tahoe, but there are plenty of other great options! We can help you find:

  • The most beautiful lakes for a romantic getaway. Our listings can help you find lakes with almost unbelievable crystal clear water that will provide the scenery for the perfect getaway with that special someone any time of year.
  • The perfect spot for a day in the sun and cooling off in the water. Our listings will help you find the best Nevada lakes for swimming.
  • A top notch fishing hole. We’ll show you the best lakes for boating in Nevada and help you find a new favorite fishing hole with a convenient boat launch to make your life easier.

Find Nevada Lakes Near You

If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway to a lake or if you’re traveling in from out of state and need more than just the one day at the lake, then this page will give you some ideas on how best to enjoy your time there.

The best lakes to visit in Nevada

Lake Tahoe Is the largest alpine lake in North America located on the border of California and Nevada. This world-famous tourist spot is known for its clear water and good skiing, but it’s also a great spot for boating.

The lakes by Reno are some of the best lakes in Nevada because they offer activities for everyone. One Of these lakes is Lake Mead. This famous reservoir on the Colorado River is popular with boaters, swimmers, kayakers, fishermen, water skiers, wind surfers – you name it! Just south of Lake Mead is Boulder City which has several lakes that provide non-motorized recreational opportunities for families.

Lake Mohave has a pedestrian suspension bridge that invites hikers to take in lakeside views from the mountain tops. Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and Catt Creek Reservoir are also known for their excellent bass fishing.

Las Vegas Bay also has a multitude of activities to enjoy as swimming, fishing, kayaking and jet skiing are all popular pastimes. If you don’t have your own boat to take out on the lakes then you can rent one from local vendors along the lakeshore. Just south of Las Vegas are Boulder City lakes which are perfect for family picnics and sunbathing under desert skies.

Spooner Lake in Nevada is great to visit because it’s located right next to the scenic Spooner Lake Viewpoint that overlooks this majestic alpine lake. Spooner Lake is also one of the lakes in Nevada where Speed Flying has taken off as a popular sport.

Pyramid Lake in Nevada is known for its excellent bass fishing. Anglers love the challenge of catching these elusive fish, but many lakes in Nevada are known for their abundant populations of fish – you don’t have to travel far to find lakes with great fishing opportunities here.

Lake Austin in Austin is a great place to swim, water ski, kayak, and fish. It’s also home to the world’s fastest growing sport: Speed Flying! And just west of Lake Austin is Buchanan Dam which has several lakes that are open for swimming all year long due to its constant clear water flow.

Northeast of Las Vegas you’ll find beautiful lakes with kayaking trails nearby. The lakes by Ely are ideal for fishing and boating. Walker Lake is another lake with excellent fishing opportunities – it has over 40 species including trout, bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish – not bad if you’re looking for some new fishing challenges!

If you’re looking for lakes in Nevada, there’s a lot of lakes to choose from. You can find lakes perfect for swimming or lakes that offer boating and fishing opportunities. Whether you want lakes with great scenery or lakes near major cities like Las Vegas, we’ve got the best lakes in Nevada right here on this page! Ready to plan your next vacation? We hope so!