Lakes In Florida Without Alligators

Florida’s lakes offer a unique and enticing experience for those seeking refreshing swims and thrilling water activities. With its warm climate and stunning natural landscapes, Florida is a haven for water enthusiasts. However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, as the state is also known for its alligator populations. While there is no foolproof method to Read More


Best Lakes in Minnesota for Fishing

Minnesota is widely renowned as a premier fishing destination, attracting anglers from all corners of the globe. With its abundance of lakes, rivers, and diverse fish species, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” offers endless opportunities for anglers to pursue their passion and reel in impressive catches. However, not all lakes are created equal when it Read More


Best Lakes in Minnesota for Swimming

Minnesota, known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” holds a special place in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its abundance of lakes dotting the landscape, Minnesota offers endless opportunities for summer recreation and relaxation. Among the various activities that capture the essence of a quintessential Minnesota summer, swimming in the pristine Read More


Best Lakes in Indiana for Swimming

Indiana, known for its charming small towns and vast farmlands, is also home to a diverse range of natural wonders. From rolling hills and forests to winding rivers and breathtaking lakes, the state boasts an abundance of natural beauty. Amidst this picturesque landscape, Indiana offers numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, making it a haven for Read More


Best Lakes in Michigan to Live On

Michigan, often referred to as the “Great Lakes State,” boasts a remarkable abundance of beautiful lakes that have become the heart and soul of lakeside living. Nestled among picturesque landscapes, these lakes offer residents a unique and captivating lifestyle that captures the essence of Michigan’s natural beauty. Lakeside living in Michigan holds a special appeal Read More


Best Walleye Lakes In Michigan

Michigan, with its vast network of lakes and rivers, holds a special place in the hearts of anglers seeking the thrill of walleye fishing. Renowned for its pristine waters and thriving walleye populations, the state has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the best destinations for walleye fishing in the entire country. Whether you’re Read More


Best Lakes in Southwest Michigan

When it comes to natural beauty, few places can rival the enchanting allure of Southwest Michigan. With its picturesque landscapes, serene countryside, and a network of stunning lakes, this region is a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Join us on a virtual tour as we dive into the sparkling waters of Read More


Best Lakes in Texas for Swimming

Texas, the second-largest state in the United States, is blessed with a plethora of lakes that dot its expansive landscape. From the rolling Hill Country to the Gulf Coast, these lakes offer Texans and visitors alike the opportunity to escape the summer heat and indulge in a variety of recreational activities. With over 5,000 square Read More


What States Have the Most Lakes?

It is often thought and boasted that Minnesota has the most lakes. The fact that the state’s motto says “Land of 10,000 lakes” would indeed make one believe that this Midwest state has the most lakes of any state throughout the United States. It actually isn’t Minnesota, or Wisconsin, or Michigan, as many would have Read More


How Many Natural Lakes Are in Each State

How many natural lakes are in each state? How many natural lakes are in each state? What states count both man-made and natural lakes together? And what state doesn’t have any natural lakes? These are questions that are actually not easily answered. There isn’t a single national database that counts all of the lakes per Read More