What States Have the Most Lakes?

It is often thought and boasted that Minnesota has the most lakes. The fact that the state’s motto says “Land of 10,000 lakes” would indeed make one believe that this Midwest state has the most lakes of any state throughout the United States. It actually isn’t Minnesota, or Wisconsin, or Michigan, as many would have Read More


How Many Natural Lakes Are in Each State

How many natural lakes are in each state? How many natural lakes are in each state? What states count both man-made and natural lakes together? And what state doesn’t have any natural lakes? These are questions that are actually not easily answered. There isn’t a single souce national database that counts all of the lakes Read More


Birds of the Lake Tahoe Basin

The bird life in the Lake Tahoe basin is as diverse as the landscape. From songbirds to raptors, the area is home to many different species of birds. Some of the most common birds in the area include: Mountain Chickadee This small, gray and black bird is found in coniferous forests and near streams. They Read More


Being Near Water Reduces Stress

Image by David Mark Some people prefer their water fresh; others must have the sand and the surf to be happy.  No matter your preference, water has long been equated with life.  This can be taken literally since humans are made mostly of water and require quite a good amount of water to stay alive.  Read More