Saint Cloud Lakes

Lakes Around Saint Cloud

Sometimes you should pack up and find a spot on the water. A lake vacation is amazing for those who love wildlife too, because they offer opportunities to take in the local scenery and all that nature has to offer.

There are numerous great arguments for a getaway to a lake in Saint Cloud this summer – the cool water for swimming, fun summer activities like boating, fishing or swimming. You’ll find that some lakes have beaches that are ideal for working on your tan. Take a look at the data directly beneath this paragraph to have a look your options from small lakes with beaches to all sports lakes for you to enjoy.

Lakes Close to Saint Cloud

Lake Activities

When you visit a lake near Saint Cloud there are many things to do for people of all persuasions. You could go for an exciting day trip or decide to stay overnight to a hotel on the beach to enjoy yourself more fully.

Every getaway on or in the water gives you a full range of activities from thrilling to chilling.

Go fishing. For anglers, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a good fishing spot to help you have a relaxing day with a line in the water whether you’re out on a boat or fishing from shore.

Partake in some delicious delights outside. Saint Cloud’s lakes gives you the chance to visit all sorts of excellent picnic areas for you to pack up some culinary delights, or you could just do some cheese and crackers as you enjoy the view. For a romantic evening, a picnic on the beach is hard to beat.

Go for a swim. The swimming lakes near Saint Cloud provide all kinds of fun and excitement for the youngsters, or plenty of exercise for those looking to be active in between working on their tan. Make sure to do your research and verify that your lake has a sandy beach and a designated swimming area before you make the trip! You know as well as we do that a swimming pool doesn’t offer as much to do as a beautiful public beach!

Lake Getaway Prep

Everyone’s beach getaway will be unique depending on the lake you’re heading to, when you go, what your goals are for the getaway. However, we’ve created a list with some of our favorite ideas for your next trip to a lake near Saint Cloud so everything goes smoothly!

General items

When the plan is to be outdoors for most of the weekend, the list below is a good place to start for essentials that you’ll be happy to have on hand.

  • Plates, cups and utensils
  • USB charger
  • Swimsuits
  • Radio or speaker
  • Towels and dry clothes
  • A cooler with water bottles
  • A beach blanket and umbrella
  • Sneakers
  • Food and snacks
  • Dry shirt

Specialty lake gear

Consider what you’ll be doing at the lake and who will be joining you, the list of gear might also prove useful and worth packing prior to departure.

  • Bait
  • Baby gear (if necessary)
  • Fishing and boating licenses
  • Kindle
  • Pool noodles, rafts, floats
  • Safety gear like life jackets
  • Games for the beach
  • Wine key
  • Fishing poles
  • Tackle box

Lake Safety

While it’s easy to get lost in a fun day at a lake near Saint Cloud, everyone’s safety is the most important part of your getaway. Following a few standard safety tips that should ensure that everyone are always safe at your favorite Saint Cloud lake.

  • Use sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy outside
  • Make sure you have a life jacket for every person on the boat
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before swimming, as it can impair judgment and result in drowning
  • Keep children within arm’s reach at all times while swimming in deep water
  • Have an escape plan for what to do if you get stuck on a boat that capsizes or tips over
  • Make sure no one swims alone
  • Avoid swimming near rocks or shallow water areas that may not be deep enough to dive underneath and escape from waves

More Saint Cloud Lake Tips

Few people get a chance to make their way to the lakes near Saint Cloud and might have some questions on ways to maximize their fun. Certainly, every lake will have their own character and trappings, but you should keep in mind a few things to review when assembling your itinerary which could help start your trip on the right foot.

  1. Maximize unique local resources. If there’s time for a longer trip, find local state campgrounds and parks that offer the ability to camp directly on the water without breaking the bank.
  2. No boat, no problem. If you’re near the water you’ll often find nearby marinas that offer boat rentals. Boats are expensive to own, but a rental will still allow you to enjoy fishing with family and friends or a wild day of wakeboarding. Asking a local will usually allow you to locate a marina that has what you need.
  3. Pay attention to the beaches. If you pick the wrong time of year, sometimes the beaches near Saint Cloud can get exceptionally crowded. If you want a little more privacy, research multiple nearby beaches and lakes to see if you can find one that’s less crowded if you want a more relaxing vibe. To get in on the party, then look for the biggest, most popular beach!