Lewiston Lakes

Lakes Near Lewiston

Sometimes you just need to pack up and find a spot on the water. Lucky for you, when you come to Lewiston you have quite a few options for spending time on the lake.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking to go kayaking, get active with wakeboarding, go for a swim, or nap in the sand, the lakes near Lewiston offer you numerous beautiful locations for aquatic activities. Take a look at the local listings directly beneath this paragraph and see your nearby locations from small lakes to all sports lakes for you and the family to enjoy.

Nearby Lakes for Lewiston

Things to Do at the Lake

A day trip to the lake, or a longer trip offers a nearly endless list of activities for families or couples.

Any stay on or in the water gives you everything from fun to relaxation.

Have a picnic. The lakes near Lewiston provide a wealth of excellent picnic areas where you can enjoy foods, or a quick snack as you enjoy the view. For a romantic evening, a picnic on the beach should put a smile on their face.

Start paddling. If paddling is your thing, pack up your board of choice and chart your course to a lake with a public launch and get out and soak up nature’s beauty in all it’s glory.

Water sports. Should you be able to get access to a ski boat, why not get out on the water and start kicking up a wake demonstrating your athleticism and water sports talents? Enjoy a day of wakeboarding, skiing, or tubing as the all sports lakes give you a number of choices.

Preparing for a Day on the Lake

A day at the lake can be drastically different depending on which lake you choose, when you decide to go, and what you want to do while you’re there. However, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common lake and beach-related necessities for you to use as a checklist to make sure you cover your bases.

Common lake items

When the plan is to be outdoors for the majority of the vacation, the following list of items is an excellent starting point for essentials you are likely to need.

  • Plates, bowls, utensils, cups
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • A fully stocked cooler
  • Towels
  • A beach blanket and umbrella
  • Proper footwear
  • Eye protection, a hat, or both
  • Plastic grocery bags (for trash and/or wet clothes)
  • Dry shirt
  • Something to eat

More lake gear

The following items could be helpful for trips to the lake considering your itinerary. It’s also worth checking so you’re not missing something critical.

  • Something to read
  • Baby gear (if necessary)
  • Wine key
  • Life jackets
  • Paper towels and sanitizer
  • Fishing poles, nets, etc.
  • Goggles or masks
  • Pool noodles, rafts, floats
  • Bait
  • Toys for the beach

Lake Safety

While the water can provide fun during a day on the lake, safety should be top of mind. These safety tips will make sure that you and your family are always safe on the water.

  • Always swim with a buddy
  • Avoid swimming near rocks or shallow water areas that may not be deep enough to dive underneath and escape from waves
  • Always wear sunblock
  • Avoid plants that can sting or cause allergic reactions
  • Always wear a life jacket when boating, kayaking or paddle boarding
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before swimming, as it can impair judgment and result in drowning
  • Be aware of your surroundings and know where you are in relation to land

More Tips for a Lake Getaway in Lewiston

Some people may not get a chance to visit the lakes near Lewiston and might have a lot of questions on ways to maximize their fun. Obviously, every lake will have their own character and surroundings, but here are a few things to look into when assembling your itinerary which could help put together a trip your whole family will remember.

  1. No boat, no problem. Many lakes have local marinas that offer boat rentals. You don’t need to own a boat to enjoy a day fishing on the lake or a day of watersports. Doing a quick Google search will usually help you find several places that can hook you up with the right vessel.
  2. Make the most of the best assets in the area. If there’s time for a lengthier stay, find local state parks and recreation areas which give you the ability to stay in a spot that is right on top of the water at an affordable price.
  3. Research your beaches. If you pick the wrong time of year, sometimes the beaches near Lewiston can get very crowded. To find more space to yourself, research a variety of nearby beaches and lakes to see if you can find one that’s less crowded to find one with a slower pace. To get in on the party, then look for the biggest, most popular sandy party scene!